12Faces is About Solutions; Not Just Information

Today, the Business Leader is faced with an overwhelming supply of information on any topic under the sun.
The big problem is, finding out how to implement those solutions quickly and effectively while already facing tremendous pressure from demands on your time!

Plenty of blogs tell you what to doFew tell you how to do it. 12Faces has faced this problem for years in our own businesses so we focus on providing you focused, fast and effective solutions to just what ails your business.

Our solutions follow a standard cycle:


We work with you on your current goals, then help with a roadmap of strategic solutions to ensure an effective future for your business.

Next Steps in your Business Strategy

As a Business Leader, you are constantly facing uncertainty! A lot has to do with knowing what is going on in your business once it gets too big for you to have your finger on everything.

You need simple, powerful, tools to help you spot any weaknesses in your current operation and to help you work out how to move forward. 12Faces has three approaches to taking some of this load off your shoulders.

Do you know the difference between tactics and strategy?
Strategy is “a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim”
Tactics are “the specific actions or steps you undertake to accomplish your strategy”
You need both – so our tools offer both!

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Strategic Direction

Step One is to have a clear goal or destination in mind.  We can help you focus on that.
Step Two  is based on Step 1 and sets out a means of achieving the goal.  For simplicity, we offer 5 Accelerator Strategic Campaigns that cover most needs but we can hand-craft a strategy to suit your particular goals;

Sustainable Business Success for small business

Optimise 100

Over time, your business will accumulate "barnacles" that are slowing it down and sucking out resources like time and money. This 100 day Campaign aims to help you "scrape off the barnacles". By the way, its not uncommon to double profit during this process!


Sustainable Business Success for small business

Turnaround 30

Rapid 30 day intervention if your business is in trouble. Just like a hospital stabilises a patient, we help to stabilise your business.


Sustainable Business Success for small business

Growth 365

This Campaign helps plan a year long growth strategy that you can "rinse and repeat" each year.

Sustainable Business Success for small business

Innovate 1000

Many industries are being disrupted. Think Uber / taxis, Airbnb / short term accommodation. Your industry might be next! A 3 year (1000 day) rolling Innovation Campaign to keep you abreast of, and respond to, trends.

Sustainable Business Success for small business

Exit 1000

At some point, you will want to exit your business. Experts say it takes you about 3 years (1000 days) to optimise your exit. But, you might get an unsolicited approach tomorrow! Moral of the story is to "be ready".

Tactical Implementation

Once you have a longer-term strategy in place, there will be a host of ‘bush fires’ popping up for you to fight.  These are tactical problems and we offer two families of tools to identify issues and suggest solutions;
Sustainable Business Success for small business

Diagnostic Family

When you go to a doctor, she diagnoses the problem and suggests a treatment. We do the same with your business ailments.

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Implementing Business Strategy

There is a huge amount of information available on what you can do about any conceivable business problem. But, most sources stop at telling “what to do” and leave you to work out from scratch “how to do it”. We don’t!
Sustainable Business Success for small business

Dashboard Family

Its often hard to look beneath the data you get from your sales or accounting professionals to better understand what this information is really telling you. We have a number of dashboards (Boards for short) that do just that. They also come with a ChangeBoard that lets you model the impact of changes so you can better understand what to focus on in your business.


12Faces has distilled out from our personal experience and the advice of leaders in their respective fields, how to implement solutions;

  • rapidly
  • small “bite-sized” chunks
  • effectively and long lasting

You have access to this KnowledgeBase on demand.

Support for Implementing Business Strategy

Do you feel all alone? As the Business Leader, it can often be hard for you to get impartial support to brainstorm about problems and put together solutions. Often you can’t discuss issues with your staff if they are controversial.  Maybe they don’t have enough management skills to help you with complex issues.

No doubt you are technically competent to get your business this far.
But you might be breaking new ground with some of the management issues arising from growing your business.

12Faces knows this is a problem so it has a portfolio of support solutions to suit your preferences including;

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