Check Local Search Marketing Performance

Rely on Digital Marketing to Bring in Local Customers?  You Need This! Many businesses draw customers from local areas by relying on search engine search results for relevant key phrases. Typical service businesses relying on Local Search Marketing to find customers include dentists, trade contractors, therapists and lawyers.  Typical retail businesses relying on Local Search Marketing […]

Digital Marketing for Local Small Businesses

Local Search Marketing is a very important tool for local small service businesses which draw on a local catchment area to find new customers. Our digital marketing services are designed to be easy to use for businesses that sell services locally, like the building trade, health professionals, architects and accountants. Also, for retail businesses that draw […]

Tracking the Buyer’s Journey Nugget (NID45)

The following is a Transcript of the Video and Podcast on these buttons Buyer’s Journey Marketing Video Buyer’s Journey Marketing Podcast More Marketing Topics This Nugget introduces Marketing the Buyer’s Journey though the several stages that lead up to a sale. In order to get good sales, you have to address each of these stages […]

Marketing Channels: How to Choose the Best for Your Business

The term Marketing Channel refers to avenues that you can use to direct people, who may be interested in your product (called Leads) , into the very top of your Sales Funnel.  From here, they move down stages in your Sales Funnel while you try to convert them to customers who buy from you.  This is an introductory article to assist you to begin to shortlist suitable Marketing channels. Yellow Belt.

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