Rely on Digital Marketing to Bring in Local Customers?  You Need This!

Many businesses draw customers from local areas by relying on search engine search results for relevant key phrases.

Typical service businesses relying on Local Search Marketing to find customers include dentists, trade contractors, therapists and lawyers.  Typical retail businesses relying on Local Search Marketing include any retailers where purchases are not frequent so customers don’t have a “favourite”.  Examples include, plant nurseries, outdoor furniture and car repairs.

We have partnered with the best Local Search Marketing audit tools  to provide monthly reports on how you are currently ranking and what you can do to improve your Local Search Marketing results.

Check out the examples below then request your own free report as an example


The most comprehensive local rank tracking

Get more valuable information than just basic search rank reports. Get the complete picture of local rankings and uncover the best opportunities to grow customer traffic with higher search results.

Tools to help you rank higher >>


Audit every inch of local SEO in minutes

Discover SEO issues that need fixing and the best opportunities to improve results. Sit back and let our automated auditing tools crunch hundreds of data points.

Tools to audit local SEO >>

You Are Not Alone!

Getting to understand how to use any new technology can be frustration for already-busy small business Founders.  Based on many years of running our own businesses, we have developed two time and stress saving tools that are included in all subscription levels.

Your 90 Day GamePlan to Tweak Your Local Marketing

We know that a big time waster when introducing any innovation is the the time it takes you to get up to speed on what to do; when you are already flat out. Based on best practice for rapidly moving industries like IT, we have developed 90 day GamePlans that set out all the steps required to improve some aspect of your business; in this case your Local Search Marketing. You work on each step for around a week or two then pause and reconsider the next best step to do scoreboard.  You are always in control of what to do next and how long to spend on it but you will always be covering all the necessary bases and moving towards increasing your sales revenue through improved Local Search Marketing.

Scorecard Suggests Best Next Step

When working on your Local Search Marketing, you are faced with a number of things you can do that have different mixes of;
  • time required to do
  • likely cost
  • time till impacts on your ranking and
  • SEO usefulness.
It is complicated juggling all those priorities.  Under our GamePlan approach, you want to pick out just one thing to work on and you want it to be the “right” one.  Below is a glimpse at the Scorecard tool that helps you prioritize.  The highest numbered in the “Benefit / Cost” column are the recommended first tasks to work on.  The green highlighted “Rank” further highlights the highest ranking tasks.


Subscribe to Boost Local Search Marketing Revenue!

If you liked the level of detail our Local Search tool can provide, you can subscribe for regular monthly updates.

Remember, the better your ranking results you have, the more customers you will attract.   Investing in this service is investing to generate revenue for your business; something every business needs.

Choose the level you like.  You can upscale or downscale at any time and cancel altogether at any time (after the first 3 months required for setup).


We are not presently offering this service but you can get it directly from the supplier BrightLocal.  Our course material will work with BrightLocal.

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions about how this Local Search Marketing tool can help grow your sales revenue, please contact us on with your questions.

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