Business Problem Symptoms to Diagnosis

How to Find Best Solution In Business Problem Diagnosis

Business Problem Symptoms to Diagnosis

The 12Faces Diagnostics help with problem diagnosis in business.  Often you can see the “symptoms” of a business problem but don’t know how to begin to remedy the problem.  For example, your profit is falling but that can be due to several possible causes.  The Symptoms section of 2Faces Diagnostics should be your starting point in finding possible ways of remedying the problem on your journey to  “Sustainable Business Success“.  

The 12Faces Diagnostics are a “drill down” process.  This means you keep narrowing down the possible reasons for the symptoms by choosing from the options displayed on the page until you reach the end of the “drill down branch”.  There we link you to possible solutions to remedy the root cause your symptom’s analysis has suggested should be your focus.

Often, you will be offered several alternative problem diagnosis solution options on a Symptoms page.  So you need to select the “best” one, or ones, to continue of your search for a solution.

Here are the most common ways to choose the next step;

  • sometimes we can suggest a “test” that you can apply to your business results to see if it is likely to be the cause.  For example, falling Gross Profit can be caused by falling Revenue or by rising Cost of  Goods sold.  We will suggest tests to help you work out which is the problem.
  • sometimes one of our business problem analysis tools like your ScoreBoard will have identified the problem you have.  You can choose an option addressing that issue as the next step in the “drill down” process.  For example, when you are looking at a step dealing with cashflow and one of our tools had indicated a worsening Inventory situation, you would pick a step dealing with “Inventory”
  • if all else fails, use your intuition to drill down on several of the problem diagnostic alternatives to see if the following steps help you find a solution then follow that option path down to a solution

If you have suggestions on Symptoms we should add, please send them to [email protected] so we can improve this tool.

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