To get to where you are, you are no doubt technically competent.

Most managers and business owners get ahead by being better at their technical competency than others around them.

Be it sales, manufacturing, construction or medicine, you are unlikely to get ahead if you aren’t good at what you do.

That’s almost a given!

But, Strategy Development and Implementation is on a different plane to technical competence.

Are you not so sure about how to do that?

You can’t rely on your co-workers for help because they are even less familiar?

You don’t want to let down your troops and bosses; they might be struggling with their own management demons!

12Faces introduces the necessary Strategy Design and Implementation skills; instantly and 24/7.

We know you are hardworking and smart to get to where you are.

We know you are aware of what you don’t know and aware there are important things you don’t know you don’t know.

The martial arts uses a system of ‘belts’ to indicate progress with technique and implementation.

So do we!

Here is ours:

yellow belt starts everyone on the same platform.  Any manager can follow these techniques.

blue belt is for those that want to dig deeper into the particular topic.

black belt is for those that want to become a master at that particular topic.

With 12Faces, start with yellow belt and go as far and as fast as you like though the other belts

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