Problem Diagnosis in Business Best Choice

How to Find Best Solution In Business Problem Diagnosis

Problem Diagnosis in Business Best Choice

The 12Faces Diagnostics help with problem diagnosis in business.  You will find one or more solutions to how to improve your business on your journey to “Sustainable Business Success“.  Here, we learn how to choose the “correct” next step.  

The 12Faces Diagnostics are a “drill down” process.  This means you keep going down a problem diagnosis in business path by selecting one of the options displayed on the page until you reach the end of the “drill down branch”.  There we present possible solutions to the issue you are addressing.

Often, you will be offered several alternative problem diagnosis solution options on a Diagnostic page.  So you need to select the “best” one to continue of your search for a solution.

Here are the most common ways to choose the next step;

  • if you have a particular limiting factor or constraint, it is very likely that you should choose the next step that offers the best solution to reducing the impact of the constraint.  Until a constraint is “relieved” by having its impact reduced, working anywhere else is not going to have much impact.
  • sometimes one of our business problem analysis tools like your TrendBoard will have identified the problem you have.  You can choose an option addressing that issue as the next step in the “drill down” process.  For example, when you are looking at a step dealing with cashflow and one of our tools had indicated a worsening Inventory situation, you would pick a step dealing with “Inventory”
  • if all else fails, drill down on several of the problem diagnostic alternatives to see if the following steps help you find a solution then follow that option path down to a solution

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