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Sometimes when you go to the doctor, you know exactly what treatment you want.  “Fix my broken bone“.   We cover those issues in here.

Other times, you have symptoms but don’t know how to fix them. 
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  • Speed up production, reduce its costs and streamline effort to reduce waste.
    • Includes Office waste and HR productivity.
  • D3: Overhead Costs 
    Increase Profit by reducing Overhead, also called Fixed, Costs.
  • D4: Business Systems 
    Increase efficiency of your business and reduce the amount of work.
    A great system can dramatically reduce mistakes.
  • D5: Manage Staff & Other People
    • Your business sinks or swims depending on your staff and your management and leadership of them.
      Covers hiring, firing, remunerations, incentives, motivating and leading.
  • D11: Business Workflow
    All businesses have a workflow: not just manufacturers of products.
    The efficiency of the workflow is a major determinant of the success of your business.
  • D12: Leadership Skills 
    As a business leader you may be technically skilled but not experienced with leading your staff.

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