GamePlan 1: Local Search Marketing Auditor

This GamePlan; connects and configures the BrightLocal Local Search Marketing (LSM) tool takes an inital benchmark of your current LSM rankings helps you prioritize what steps to take to improve your LSM for several factors including; Local SEO Rankings to show your success with your chosen keywords Local Search Grid results for LSM ranking in […]

Business Planning Resource Kit

Many small business owners don’t have a lot of interest in business planning.  And that’s probably understandable because traditional business planning is designed for large and stable businesses.  That approach does not reflect the realities of small business life.  So conventional business plannings doesn’t bring a lot to the table for all the work involved. […]

How to use Adwords to Test your Business Strategy

Adwords for Strategy

An alternative and very useful way to use Google AdWords is to test the viability of proposed new business directions on the internet.  Properly used, AdWords can bring buyers to test pages where you are testing new products, methods, prices and any other variable that you are uncertain about. Blue Belt

Business Changes Planning: How to Choose Next Step

When you are planning the next steps for your business improvement, there are usually several changes that you could choose from. You believe all these steps will improve your business on your path to Sustainable Business Success.  The problem is, it can be very confusing to decide which, of the many things that you could potentially do, is actually the next best step to do. This article provides a method for you to work out which is the best next step. Yellow Belt

Strategy Accelerators Toolkit

Our Strategy Accelerators tackle common Strategic Thrusts  Your business has a lifecycle!  You need a different strategy for each stage of its lifecycle!Choose a Strategic Accelerator bundle from our offerings Take advantage of all the research done for you to rapidly get started down your chosen strategic direction My business is in trouble, tell me about Turnaround90 Just like the […]

How the Plan/Do/Check/Act (PDCA) Cycle Builds Important Routines

The business world is full of uncertainty.  Many managers cross their fingers, build the planned addition to their business in its entirety, or their start-up, then launch it and pray.  The most common outcome from this approach is – failure or, at best, mediocre success.  Starting with the auto industry and then moving to the start-up industry, smart managers are dramatically reducing their risk by doing a series of experiments that let them “fail fast” and cheaply if their idea does not have legs.  This approach substantially speeds up the migration to a profitable new avenue for the business. Learn the process of the PDCA Cycle This is a Yellow Belt (Introductory) article.

Explore Profit Optimising / Streamlining Menu

This menu draws together the principal tools in 12Faces that focus on making your business as productive as possible.  Explore profit optimisation techniques and streamline your business. These are usually Tools that can be used widely throughout 12Faces.   Yellow Belt

How to Plan Work with Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

Some businesses that use project management software like the Critical Path Method (CPM) should also take the time to learn about the much less well known Critical Chain Project Management technique as it has a proven track record for dramatically speeding up projects.  Blue Belt

How to Use Our Business Tune-up Menu

This Tuneup Menu is a periodic review of the state of your business with a view to streamlining and removing poor practices that have crept in over time.  A good Tuneup will lead you back to best practice, better productivity and higher profits. Yellow Belt

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