Adwords for Strategy

An alternative and very useful way to use Google AdWords is to test the viability of proposed new business directions on the internet.  Properly used, AdWords can bring buyers to test pages where you are testing new products, methods, prices and any other variable that you are uncertain about. Blue Belt Having brought people to your page, you can measure the results and make quick decisions on whether the proposed changes are financially viable.  In this way, you can use A/B Testing to quickly ratchet through several alternative solutions to marketing your product on the web to arrive fairly quickly at the more economically viable. Go to the article: How to Improve Performance with A/B Testing AdWords can be used for testing startup ideas and new products/services. AdWords is referred to within the articles under the Menu: Marketing and Sales    Once you know how to use them, consider setting up groups of keywords to test the attractiveness of;
  • the product category: how popular is the search term
  • brand names: are people attracted to your proposed brand name
  • tag lines and marketing pitches: use the AdWords adverts to test what tag lines work
  • landing pages: try several different landing pages to see which works best to drive viewers to do some action that demonstrates their commitment (e.g. register, buy, click for eBook etc)
You can use the power of A/B Testing for advice on how to run experiments with different combinations of variables to test  which ones are significantly better. Go to the article: How to Improve Performance with A/B Testing 

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