Business Coaching Service

Get personal business coaching and business mentoring on business strategy Just like it is hard to learn piano by yourself, business coaching can help build business skills It can be lonely out there for business leadersYour friends and family may not understand what you do and the problems you face.  Also, there are many things […]

Solve Business Problems with Diagnostics

Welcome to 12Faces Business Problem Diagnosis System When you go to the doctor, they ask you what your Symptoms are.  Once the doctor has identified the problem, they will suggest several alternative Diagnoses that might rectify the problem.  You choose one or more Treatments and begin to implement them.  We do the same here by […]

Business Planning Resource Kit

Many small business owners don’t have a lot of interest in business planning.  And that’s probably understandable because traditional business planning is designed for large and stable businesses.  That approach does not reflect the realities of small business life.  So conventional business plannings doesn’t bring a lot to the table for all the work involved. […]

Business Health Check: Get Insights with Business Analytics

Your Car’s Dashboard Shows Progress and Warns of Looming Problems Smart Business Leaders use Business Analytics for the same reason 12Faces is committed to helping you achieve Sustainable Business Success.Sustainable means on-going so you need monitoring tools to check your business’s health.We have a range of such tools you can choose from to be confident you have […]

Management Tools for Analysis

Learn About each Tool & Get User Access This is a list of the 12Faces Management Tools for Analysis and Performance Improvement. It covers products and services that can be used in your search for Sustainable Business Success. If you are looking for roadmaps to SBS, we list them in our Solutions Menu Click on […]

Business Training

The 12Faces business training resources are focused on how to grow a small business.  They cover the particular issues arising for each growth stage from startup to 20 staff.  Also includes our systems for actually getting the work done via a rapid, lower stress, framework.  The Business training also expands on some of the important […]

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