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This is a list of the 12Faces Management Tools for Analysis and Performance Improvement.

It covers products and services that can be used in your search for Sustainable Business Success.

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Management Tools Table of Contents

Crowdsource Answers

Sometimes, you may have what might be a simple question that is puzzling you.

We have a free Community Forum where you can seek the advice and experience of the other people who have registered to submit to the forum.  

You can use the Q&A forum even after you have returned your business to health for any issue that comes up.

Business leaders  come across issues that need rectification all the time.

Our Diagnostic Suite will help find Treatment solutions for known and unknown causes of these issues.  It also serves as a brainstorming tool to discover alternative solutions to issues.

Many business operators pay little attention to the messages their accounting and other reporting systems are telling them.  Consequently, failure rates in small business are alarmingly high; some report 50% of startups in the first year and 70% within 10 years.

A big part of the problem is that traditional accounting is done from a tax point of view; rather than for management insights.

The 12Faces DashBoard family are easy to understand tools for monitoring trends in your business and the impact of changes with a view to giving you timely warnings of impending problems.

Just like your car’s dashboard gives you insight into how your car is going, our DashBoard Family will provide warnings and progress reports on your business’s health.

There is tons of valuable information available in your accounts. Sadly, many businesses don’t take advantage of what is available to monitor critical trends in their business.

Use TrendBoard to monitor trends in profitability, sustainability, cashflow and business efficiency.

You may often wonder e.g. “What would happen to my profit if sales grow by 10%?” and other “What If” questions.

ChangeBoard allows you to experiment with changes by increasing and decreasing key performance info and see the results instantly.  

Our business name 12Faces reflects the fact that we think there are 12 aspects of a business, and of its leaders, that might need to be worked on to different extents in order to have a “wholistic” approach to your Sustainable Business Success.  You can use this tool to learn more about those 12 aspects of your business.

Even elite sportspersons use and benefit from Coaches.  A good Coach will see your business from a different perspective so they give you fresh insights into how your business can be improved.  They can also help to explain management terms and systems you are not familiar with. We offer an on-demand Coaching Service.

Many successful business-people like to give back to their community.  Our volunteer business mentors provide this coaching service.  They meet with you as frequently as you wish to provide an unbiased opinion, a wealth of experience and a support for your Sustainable Business Success journey. 

Leaders' Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

It is common in many professions like accounting, law and medicine for practitioners to engage in a certain amount of on-ging CPD each year to keep themselves up to date with current best practice.   No one wants a doctor who is not using current best practice!

We suggest this may be a good practice for business leaders as well!

These resources will help you keep up to date with new business practices and rapidly find a “Cheat Sheet” on topics to get you up to speed quickly.

This Course provides a pathway to finding and then fixing the root causes of problems in a failing or troubled business.  It is self-paced but designed to be completed in under 90 days.  It does not rely on any past management experience so is suited to leaders of any management background.  

This Course provides a a systematic approach to harvesting the “low hanging fruit” in your business that can almost immediately send more money to your bottom line profit.   It is self-paced but designed to be completed in under 100 days.  It does not rely on any past management experience so is suited to leaders of any management background.  

There is no single way to grow a business.  However, this course provides an introduction to a number of the issues to consider when setting out on a growth journey.  It is self-paced and you can refer to it throughout your growth journey.  It is a Yellow Belt course so does not rely on any past management experience.  

This Course delivers a different way of looking at Profit.  Rather than what is leftover after Revenue and Expenses are taken out, it shows a method of starting with Desired Profit and working backwards to get it.  It also offers a way of managing cash flow to ensure funds are available when bills fall due.   

As outlined in our Solutions Menu, we have assembled bundles of resources into training courses so all the resources you need to address a particular issue are in the one place.  Find e.g 90 day Failing Business Turnaround, 100 day Business Optimization and 365 day Business Growth bundled resources.

Planning & Strategy Tools

Business planning sounds like a pretty complex exercise that takes a lot of time and thought; and has uncertain payoffs.  Consequently, many smaller business owners don’t spend a lot of time on it.  We take these realities into consideration and have fashioned a very simple, very adaptable, planning routine based on the best practices of leading writers and companies.

Some leaders and businesses prepare and monitor Strategic Plans on a regular basis.  Others are in a start-up phase with lots of unknowns or too small to warrant elaborate, formal, plans and work in short “Sprints” for rapid progress.  We cater to both groups with our planning resources.

Space missions concentrate their monitoring and control centers in one place. So do we! Our Mission Control is a online & on mobile, one-stop, app for monitoring and planning your business and for 2-directional communication between staff and leaders.

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