Thank you for registering for access to our resources aimed at helping you grow your Micro Business

Some of the key points for this group of resources include:

  • Although there are many definitions for a Micro Business, we have elected to use “a business with 1 to 4 staff”
  • You are experiencing all the issues relating to employing your first staff member. Including building a stable business platform for managing the necessary cash flow to pay your staff and make a satisfactory Profit.   
  • But you are not big enough to necessarily require some middle management.
  • We are assuming you want to continue to grow.  If not, see our Sustainable family of resources.

You are starting on what will become a routine task for you.  Even when growing, most business leaders want the better Profitlower stress and more acceptable workload that our Mission of Sustainable Business Success brings you.

From here, branch to the topics that presently interest you.  We suggest that you explore them in the following order:

  1. The outline of the issues for moving from a Solopreneur to the Owner of a Micro Business.
  2. A Catalogue of specific resources for specific aspects of the Micro Business phase of your Growth journey.

If you have questions or suggestions on how to progress down the Sustainable Business Goal journey, please tap into our Community Q&A Forum under the Resources menu.

If you have issues to report about the resources, please Create a Support Ticket

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