How to Increase Your Business Growth and Profit

Your Business is Profitable – you get your bills paid on time and have enough cash to buy the supplies you need.

But at the end of the month, you’ve barely enough left to pay yourself.

Sound familiar? Read more here….

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Profit Autopilot

Among the largest contributors to the failure of both small and larger businesses, are either:

Profit Autopilot turns conventional accounting on its head by starting with a focus on profit first.

It also introduces a simple set of “Piggy Banks” that give you a “set and forget” approach so that when tax and other expenses become due, you have sufficient funds to pay.

And, along the way, you have also taken out not only a Wage but a Profit as well.

Go to the Skills Module for more information: SM6.0 Profit Autopilot – Introduction

Double Your Productivity Growth in Just 2 Weeks

There just never seems to be enough time, in the life of a manager, to get all the things queued up in front of you done.

Do you know that feeling?

It doesn’t have to be like that though.

Two simple skills can make you up to 16 times more productive!

Go to the article: How to Double Your Personal Productivity in Under Two Weeks

How to Use Your Business USPs to Beat Competitors

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) refers to the elements of your brand and everything about your business, including your products, services, staff, that consumers recognise as unique.

Put yourself in their shoes, when a consumer is spoiled for choice, with hundreds of options at their disposal, what would he or she notice about your business that would convince them to pick you and not your competitors?

If you can answer this question, you’ve found your USP!….(more here)

Business Tuneup Menu

This Tuneup Menu is a periodic review of the state of your business with a view to streamlining and removing poor practices that have crept in over time.

A good Tuneup will lead you back to best practice, better productivity and higher profits….(more here)

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