Profit Focused Business Model Video 1

Among the largest contributors to the failure of both small and larger businesses, are either:

Video 1 introduces how you can quickly decide if your business will provide you with the profit and salary that you want.

Watch the 8 Minute Video via this link

Profit Focused Business Model

This article expands further on the information provided in the Video above.

The Profit Focused Business Model will show you how just 7 numbers will let you be fairly confident of achieving the Profit and personal Salary you desire.

In turn, this will help reduce one of the major causes of stress in smaller businesses – “will I make a Profit and will I be able to pay my bills”? ….(more here)

Add Value Instead of Discounting

Price is often the primary consideration when customers make a purchase, but cutting prices isn’t the best way to compete.

Here’s how you can add value to your products so you can avoid discounting….(more here)

4 Strategies to Increase Your Business Profits

The end of a calendar year is a common time for business owners to reflect on how they can be more profitable in the new year.

You might even feel discouraged because you don’t know how you can possibly take on more business and still have time for a life outside of work.

If so, you will be happy to know that increasing profits doesn’t always mean taking on more work.

You may just need to make some changes to ensure that you have more money coming in and less going out.

9 Ways to Increase Your Profits This Year

As a small business owner, you know that sales, alone, aren’t an indication of your business success.

The true measure of success is your business’ profits.

True, increasing your total profit for the year usually requires increasing sales, but here’s the rub: if you’re not careful, the cost of increasing sales could lead to decreased profit margins or even a loss.

So how can you boost your small business profits this year?

Here are nine strategies to fatten up your bottom line….(more here)

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