A/B Testing process refers to testing two alternative approaches against each other to find the best of the two.  It is retained and, in turn, compared to a third alternative.  The best of these is retained and the process repeated.

Very often, we have no real idea of what will appeal to customers so this, real world, testing avoids your own unconscious biases impacting on the success of your activity when you only test one option.  Yellow Belt

Always be Testing

The A/B testing technique provides 2 or more options.  It tests the appeal of each with a positive action taken by the people seeing the paid advertising.


Test the popularity of the Product A against the Product B.

If more people click on the Product A, and go to the website discussing the product, than click on the Product B, one can assume that A is a better “Product” than B.

Test this assumption even more rigorously with the statistical techniques of “Significance”.

You can test if Product A is significantly better than the Product B.

Introduce other examples of the “Product” and test. Continually drop out the weakest and keep the strongest.

When you do have a clear cut, statistically “Significantly” “Product”, you can be confident that it is customer-friendly.

An interesting by-product of this is to see how many people are attracted to your “Product”. 

When testing the “Product”, you need a purpose built single page on your website. This is your “Landing Page”.

This page is rich in the terms that you have used in the “Product” advertisement.  Rich in both its Title Tag and Meta Tags.

Further reading on this topic at the article: Website Design

These Landing Pages should be in the menu structure of your website.
Place the link to the Landing Pages at the bottom of the page where the search engine crawling will find them.  Customers may not bother to go there, lessening confusion.

How long do you test for?

As an obvious case:

It is up to you to decide how long you run the advertisements. 

What To A/B Test

Above, we indicated there are a number of different criteria that you can use to differentiate yourself in the mind of the customer.

You may be immediately tempted to go with the one that works best for you (say lowest price).
But, you may be failing to find that there is even a more powerful one that you didn’t bother to test.

Therefore, divide testing into 2 major steps:

1. Attempt to find candidate descriptions of your “Product” in more than one of the several criteria given above.

2. For each of the different types of differentiation, you should have at least 2 advertisements.

Testing the Strength of Buyer Sentiment

Depending on the nature of your business, and the level of comfort you want when choosing your best “Product”, you may want to consider the following:

Further reading on Lead Qualification is in the article: Sales Funnel

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