Check Local Search Marketing Performance

Rely on Digital Marketing to Bring in Local Customers?  You Need This! Many businesses draw customers from local areas by relying on search engine search results for relevant key phrases. Typical service businesses relying on Local Search Marketing to find customers include dentists, trade contractors, therapists and lawyers.  Typical retail businesses relying on Local Search Marketing […]

GamePlan 1: Local Search Marketing Auditor

This GamePlan; connects and configures the BrightLocal Local Search Marketing (LSM) tool takes an inital benchmark of your current LSM rankings helps you prioritize what steps to take to improve your LSM for several factors including; Local SEO Rankings to show your success with your chosen keywords Local Search Grid results for LSM ranking in […]

Digital Marketing for Local Small Businesses

Local Search Marketing is a very important tool for local small service businesses which draw on a local catchment area to find new customers. Our digital marketing services are designed to be easy to use for businesses that sell services locally, like the building trade, health professionals, architects and accountants. Also, for retail businesses that draw […]

SM1.0 How 1% Price Change Gave 11% Profit Increase

Price is a major determinant of the profitability of your business!  A price change of as little as 1% can often lead to profit increases of up to 11%.  A consultant study across 1,200 major businesses found that a 1-2% increase in price, assuming demand remained constant, on average would have increased the company’s profit by 11%. Clearly, this could be a quick boost to your company’s profitability.

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For a quick example of the impact of a price change, consider a business turning over $500,000 per year.  Let us further assume that it makes a 5% profit on that, which gives it a profit of $25,000. If it increased its price by 1%, and assuming demand remained constant, that would lead to an extra $5,000 in income. This extra $5,000 over the original $25,000 is a 11% improvement.  This is a yellow belt article.   

SM2.0 80/20 Principle – Double Sales, Triple Profits

Introducing the 80/20 Principal The 80/20 Principle asserts that a minority of causes, inputs or effort usually lead to a majority of the results, outputs or rewards. Taken literally, this means that 80 percent of what you achieve in your job comes from 20 percent of the time spent. This implies that: 80% of your […]

How To Succeed In Retail And Increase Online Sales

Succeeding In Retail Is All About Experience – Here’s What That Means Steve Dennis keeps reading that success in retail today is all about the experience. Some retail influencers whom he crosses paths with on the conference circuit often anchor their talks on some variation of customer experience being “the new black”. Whether he is […]

How To Do Customer Prospecting

Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques You Should Be Using Prospecting is a key process for any business, finding those unqualified leads and nurturing them to be happy customers. But for something that sounds so simple on paper, it can be tricky to know if you’ve really done everything you can, or if there are more effective […]

Sales Boosting Strategies

80% of What You Do Is Probably Wasted There is one thing that every business person will tell you they are short of. That is TIME! Here is a way to drive a wedge into, and free up, more time. So much so that you will, rather bizarrely, find yourself with nothing to do from […]

Tips to Optimise Sales Funnel

17 Best Practices of Top Salespeople What makes the difference between a good salesperson and a great salesperson? It isn’t just good luck. Chances are they are applying some or all of these 17 best practices….(more here) This article is courtesy of Business Mentoring Noosa.   How to Become a Trusted Authority to Improve Sales […]

How To Increase Your Business Sales

How to Maximise A Customer’s Lifetime Value Many businesses fail to understand the tremendous multiplier effect on their profit that properly grooming their clients can offer. One of the most powerful multipliers on your profit can be the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer. The Lifetime Value (LTV) of any customer is: Average Purchase x […]

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