If you are a small business Founder, you have a lot on your plate already. Here, we outline several proven steps on how to grow a business. These will make your job easier.

Planning to Grow

Not all businesses want the pressures of growth. Not all businesses can grow easily. The principal issues with growing often depend on how big the business is already. Get insights into these issues with our growth planning resources.

Failing Business Turnaround

Up to 50% of businesses fail in their first year. If yours is not as healthy as you would like, we have a business turnaround resource package. This will help to stabilise your business. You can then start to grow

Optimise Before Takeoff

If your business has been around for a while, it has likely accumulated "barnacles" like a boat too long in the water. If you don't remove them, they add a drag to your business. That then consumes energy and resources that could have been used for growth. We have a bundle of resources that will help streamline your current business for speedy growth.

Executing Business Growth

You may have limited time and financial resources so you want to execute your growth as efficiently as possible. We have assembled a collection of resources to let you execute, at your own comfortable speed, while helping you avoid dead ends and distractions along the way.

Monitoring Your Business Growth

There is a lot of change associated with growth. You can't just rely on your "gut" to tell you if things are on track and to warn you of worrying trends. We have bundled together resources to help you monitor your progress and business health, with minimum effort on your part.

Problem Diagnostics

Inevitably issues will arise during your growth that are new or confusing. We have a Business Diagnostics Funnel System that lets you simply click on the best looking solution to your issue. That "choose and click" method takes you down a series of levels in our Funnel until you find a potential solution. It's fast and it taps into the full power of Google to provide you with solutions.

Business Growth Training

Sometimes it is helpful to have a training course available to minimise the time taken to research how to grow. You can follow that training to get started along a well trodden path. We have training available to help you with your business growth.

Business Mentoring

It's often good to have a second opinion on how to resolve an issue and expedite progress. You can't always discuss issues with friends and family or staff. We have a Business Mentoring Service you can use whenever you want and as much as you want.

We have 40 years experience starting and running our own businesses. In addition, we have nearly a decade as a volunteer business mentor working with dozens of small businesses.

Our businesses have won National Small Business and Fast Growth Awards over several years.  

All that experience is brought together when we develop these business growth resources.  Read more in About Us

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