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Can our Virtual CFO Services help you?

If you fit this picture, our Virtual CFO services will help:

  • you are an owner of a medium sized small business.  Say over $500K in turnover and 5 or more staff
  • you know there are problems with your business, like Cashflow to pay wages and taxes when they fall due, but you aren’t sure how best to fix these problems
  • you think there is more information of use in your accounts but not sure how to extract it
  • you don’t have staff that can brainstorm with you on Strategy so you feel your growth may be slowing
  • you work long hours but there are still many things to do that you wish you could get off your back, if you only had a trusted advisor to help
  • all of this uncertainty is piling stress on your shoulders and reducing your quality of life

Our Strategic Advisory Services help in three ways:

  1. A collection of tools to analyse your current business health and provide you with a simple, easily understood visualisation of what you can work on to reduce your problems and get your business back on a healthy growth track.
  2. We understand there is a ton of information on what to do but not so much on how to do it!  We have a portfolio of short, easily implemented and permanent solutions you can choose from to fix your most important problems.
  3. We know it often helps to have someone to discuss issues with.  We offer a range of advisory support services so you have help on hand when needed

How do we know what Strategic Advice you need?

The 12Faces team have started, run and exited several business like yours and these are the issues we faced.
Along the way, we have been “National Small Business of the Year” and 4 times in the “BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Australia“.
That is why we are now providing our services so you don’t have as much stress as we did. 
We run everything we do past the simple test – would this have helped us back when we started and ran a business like this?

How do our Virtual CFO Services work?

  • We only work for business owners directly.  We give you frank, independent and useful assistance which works best when unfiltered by your staff.
  • Every business is different and every business owners priorities are different.  We help you work out your priorities then we help you attain your goals.
  • The pressure of work often leaves good intentions unfinished.  We’ve been there!  Now we use the well known PDCA Cycle (Plan / Do / Check / Act) that contributed to Toyota’s remarkable success.  We encourage you to use ‘bite-sized’ chunks of improvement in your business so things get finished.
  • You and your staff are most incentivised with wins.  We focus on giving you frequent small wins.  The flywheel effect means these small wins quickly add up to big improvements.
    Go to the article: How the Profit Flywheel Accelerates Your Business
  • The other advantage of this approach is that, if something doesn’t work out, you have lost little time and resources and can quickly regroup to get restarted.  Hiccups are inevitable (consider the COVID pandemic). This way, minimum damage is done and recovery is faster.

What you avoid with our Strategic Advisory Services

  • We do not position ourselves as high profile gurus.  They generally cost a lot and try to force you down a single path which may not suit you.
  • You are not locked into long term, expensive plans.  With 12Faces, you pay as you go!  You only pick the parts of our service that you need right then for your current issues.
  • We don’t have a fixed agenda.  You decide what is important to you and we lock in behind and help with implementation.  You are in full control, all the time.

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Diagnose your Business’s Health 

Use our tools to rapidly diagnose the problems ailing your business
Then choose from our range of solutions
and get Support when you want it

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Your Business Strategy Resource Centre

Here is what we offer in this one location:

A condensed collection of the best business strategy advice from experts: Knowledge Base (top menu)
Rapidly searchable to minimise your research time; saves reading lots of books
Diagnostic approach – get answers even when you are not sure what the problem is: Diagnostics
Bundled strategy options to focus on specific issues in your enterprise: Campaigns, Skills Modules, Leaders Briefings
[Turnaround troubled business in 30 days, Optimise a business in 100 days, Grow your business in 365 days and protect against disruption with the 1000 day Innovation strategy]
Continue Your Professional Development (CPD) with strategy development techniques you will use time after time
Web based, 24/7, worldwide


Our Target Client is You; the Business Owner

We work 1:1 with you as an individual as your brains trust to help you with Strategic Planning.
This allows us to personalise the experience according to your planning experience and what you want to know more about.
If you have teams reporting to you, we help you not only with the planning side of things but also how to bring your teams on board. 


Watch our 45 second introductory video on 12Faces



 Tons of Support Building Business Strategy

It can be lonely out there!
We are here to help you
Forums, Help Desks and 1:1 Coaching

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About 12Faces

Founder Scott Williams has been in medium-sized private business for decades; he knows small and medium business.
His businesses have been National Small Business of the Year and have listed 4 times in the Top 100 Fastest Fastest Growing Businesses in Australia.
He was Mayor of a local government and Chaired the Independent Audit Committees of 3 local governments, he learned their management.
He Chaired the Finance and Planning Governance Committees of two Universities for a combined 19 years; he knows management at the big end of town.
He worked for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, he knows the International Small Business scene.

Everything he learned about business Strategy over decades is at your disposal in 12Facesbutton learn more


Enjoy your 12Faces journey to Improved Business Strategy
Scott Williams

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