Level 2: Streamline My Existing Operation (Optimise100)

Level 2: Streamline My Existing Operation (Optimise100)

YOU want to make YOUR business as Profitable as possible

With YOUR problem in mind, select the area below that best fits

NOTE: Optimise100 is a structured course with Campaigns
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Optimise100 aims to streamline your business with its existing Revenue, directing more money to bottom-line Profit.
This is simpler than growing Revenue, allowing it to happen much faster.

If your business requires financial assistance FAST go to Rapid Response Troubled Business (Turnaround90 course)

If your focus is on business Revenue GROWTH, Optimise the Growth of My Business Over a Year (Grow365 course) is the menu for you.

Anyone can do this at anytime of course but we think there are four most likely users:

  1. An existing manager of the business unit who decides it is time to do a ‘spring clean’.
  2. A newly promoted manager who now gets to run the business unit and would like to impress the bosses with a cleanup/makeover in the famous ‘first 90 days’ of their management reign.
  3. A business that has acquired another business and wants to spring clean it as part of the takeover process. This will also help to tune it for integration with the existing, parent business.
  4. You have decided to sell the business in the foreseeable future and want to get it looking as profitable as possible.

If you are sceptical that doubling your profit is even possible, have a look at these case studies that might show what can be possible.

  • Optimise100 Campaign:

    C2.0 Optimise Your Business Enterprise in 100 Days: Who is Optimise100 for?
    Case Studies.
    Read more at the link above and signup for the Optimise100 Campaign.

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  • C2.3: Getting Ready:
    The first step is to set your Profit goals.
    Time frame.
    Measuring what is important.
  • C2.4: Cost Reduction:
    Which costs to target.
    Prune out Resource wasters – product, human, location to name a few.
  • C2.5: Increase Revenue:
    Increase production flow.
    Improve cashflow.
    Increase Sales Revenue.
  • C2.6: Advanced Business Growth Techniques:
    Time management.
    Change management.
    Incremental improvement – Kaizen.
    Synchronised workflow – Kanban.
  • How to Solve Specific Issues:
    e.g. Marketing, People, Cashflow.

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