Level 4: Leadership

Level 4: Leadership


Leadership encompasses the ability of your staff or business to “lead” or guide others.

With YOUR specific issue in mind, select the area below that best fits.

Note: Campaign, Skills Module or Leader’s Briefings signup may be required for some articles

Drill down to the article that provides the solution.

Are your staff able to enlist the aid and support of others to accomplish tasks.

The following articles will assist you and your staff gain the skills required to lead others:

  • Goal Setting:
    Until you can clearly define a set of goals, further effort can easily be misdirected down unprofitable avenues.
    Once defined, any particular effort being contemplated can be tested for value by asking, “will this contribute to our goals?”
  • HR Productivity & Motivation Menu:
    Management of the limited time you have is one of the most important skills for you and your staff.
    Two simple skills can make you up to 16 times more productive!

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