Google Says Will Handle Campaign Management

In seven days, the email says, Google Ads reps will start making changes to advertiser accounts if advertisers don’t opt out.

“We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business.”

That’s the headline in an email some advertisers have begun receiving from Google Ads this week.

Why you should care?

Google has steadily introduced automation to just about every area of campaign creation and management…Google is bringing in “Google Ads experts” to manage campaigns “behind the scenes”.

One can assume, however, that the changes the experts make will be largely influenced by Google’s machine-powered recommendations engine(more here)

Powerful Marketing with Google Adwords

Don’t give Google control of your Adwords, this article outlines a second valuable use for the Adwords platform.

The Google Adwords service offers you both a marketing media and a laboratory to test your marketing ideas and even the potential direction and viability of your start-up business.

For a comparatively small cost, you can quickly get enormously valuable insights into your actual or potential market.

This second novel use of Google Adwords can be used to test the viability of proposed new business directions using the internet.

Properly used, Google Adwords can bring buyers to test pages where you are testing new products, methods, prices and any other variable that you are uncertain about…(more here)

Which Social Media Platform For Start Ups

Social media is an essential marketing tool for startups.

It’s a great way to get your message out there for not much money, although it does take some effort to get noticed.

When you launch your business, it’s a good idea to establish a presence on social media as soon as you can.

Stretching yourself across every social media platform isn’t really possible, especially when you’re short on time and money, so choosing the best one or two platforms to focus on is smart.

There are several big name players in social media, and choosing between them may take some thought(more here)

Content Marketing Must Dos

Every single business out there knows the importance of a smart, unique and impactful marketing strategy.

In the connected world that we live in today, content is critical. Without it, you could find your business is the one behind instead of ahead of the curve.

There’s the chance that you aren’t up to date with how content marketing could change your entire strategy, and if that’s the case, this article is for you….(more here)

How To Advertise

Confused about how to advertise your business?

The many advertising options make that a puzzling question for many business owners.

Here are 9 steps for planning an effective advertising strategy and choosing the best places to advertise your business….(more here)

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