As Many as 1 in 5 Businesses , Both Large and Small, are Failing

That is a very sad fact when one considers all the hopes, time and money that have gone into the business and is now going down the drain! Reduce the risk with our DIY Failing Business Turnaround Program

Business owners often:

  • are good at what they do but are rather lost interpreting financial statements
  • even then, most accounting is done for tax and is hopeless for management purposes
  • haven’t got anyone to share the problems with. Co-owners may also lack the necessary survival skills. Professionals are expensive and often hard to understand.  Often the problems can’t be shared with staff without damaging morale.

What can you do?

Is Your Failing Business in the Emergency Department?

Our Tools help quickly stabilise the business to prevent any further problems. Then they set you on the path to recovery. That's the first step in our Mission of Sustainable Business Success
Check our resources for stabilising your failing business below!


This is a collection of tools to analyse your business health. They will provide you with simple ideas to get your business back on a healthy growth track.


We have an easy-to-use DIY Diagnostic System to locate your main problems and suggest remedies. Keep clicking on symptoms your business is showing while you drill down to possible solutions.


It helps to have someone to discuss issues with. We offer a range of advisory support services . This is so that you have help on hand when needed.

Discover How to Access Tools

A lot of the content you will use to turnaround your failing business is free to use.  You will be asked to register at no charge.  This enables you to go to other useful content. And to allow you to participate in the free Community Help Desk to get help from others.  Other content has a fee attached.

These tools are available separately or bundled up with others of a similar nature for your one-stop-shopping convenience.  To learn more, see the examples below then sign up for access to get started.

Turnaround Business in 90 Days Training Package

We have assembled a host of options for turning your business around in 90 days into a work program called Turnaround 90 (T90).  

T90 has a checklist of fixes to favourably impact your business.  You work through the list, fixing those that you know are having an adverse impact.  Our other tools, like the Diagnostics System and TrendBoard will help pinpoint the problems.

Having a checklist like this drags the expertise of many people into one convenient location for you to work through at your own pace. 

Rapidly Diagnose Symptoms and Discover Treatments

When you go to the doctor with the symptoms of a mystery ailment, they narrow down what your problem is with a diagnosis.  Then they suggest a course of treatment to fix what ails you.

We do the same with our easy-to-use DIY Business Diagnostic System.

All you need to do is click through on the Symptoms you see to drill down to a Treatment suggestion.  You can repeat as often as you like.

The good news is that, once your business is healthy again, you can continue to use the Diagnostics. Treatments are suggested to optimise your business and get it growing again.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Business planning sounds like a pretty complex exercise that takes a lot of time and thought; and has uncertain payoffs.  Consequently, many smaller business owners don’t spend a lot of time on it.  We take these realities into consideration and have fashioned a very simple, very adaptable, planning routine based on the best practices of leading writers and companies.

Use Our Analysis Boards to Find Problems & Confirm Treatments

Sometimes when you visit the doctor, they call for an X-ray or other test. This is when the root cause of your problem is not known or needs to be confirmed.

12Faces has a family of tests which are called Boards. The Boards do a deeper analysis of your financial, sales or work flow data, particularly when you are unclear what is going on. 

What you do: copy your data from, for example, your accounting package into the TrendBoard.  The result is a set of graphs that indicate your business financial health. The slope of the graph, up or down, indicates what is wrong. This is very easy to follow.  Finally, the special drill-down TrendBoard Diagnostic will help you understand what an unfavourable result on the graph means.

Once your business is healthy again, we strongly advise that you continue to run a monthly TrendBoard. You will spot any unfavourable trends before they sneak up on you.  An hour a month lets you monitor the financial health of your business.

Sometimes You Could Do With Another Mind

While you get into the swing of fixing your business health, it might become obvious that you would benefit from a little coaching.  Or, maybe you would just like a second opinion on your conclusions.  Doctors do this from time to time also.

12Faces has your coaching covered.

We offer a flexible coaching service that you use when, and for as long as, you want.  You book it on an hourly basis so no big expense is incurred.

Crowd Source Answers

Do you have a simple question that is puzzling you?

12Faces has a free Community Forum where you can seek the advice and experience of the other people who have registered to submit to the forum.  

You can use the Q&A forum even after you have returned your business to health for any issue that comes up.

Plenty More Information in Our Library

Although we have written over 300 articles on topics relating to running your business, to make it more convenient, we have tagged just those that relate to failing business turnaround.

You can browse that list of articles looking for ones of interest. Click on the green button below. 

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