Level 4: Waste/Muda Reduction Menu

Level 4: Waste/Muda Reduction Menu


The science of “Lean Management” has demonstrated that dramatic reduction in costs, and a consequent increase in Profit,
can come about from the systematic removal of the 8 types of waste to be found in business.

With YOUR specific issue in mind, select the area below that best fits.

NOTE: Waste/Muda Reduction is part of the Skills Module 1 month sprints
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Learn the skills used by Henry Ford, later modified by Toyota, to measure, record and remove your business waste.

Articles to remove waste and increase your profits are:

  • Eight Types of Waste:
    In any business that has been operating for a reasonable length of time, various inefficiencies and wasteful activities will have crept into the system.
    Spending time on identifying and reducing waste is spending time on identifying areas for improving your Profit and therefore thoroughly worthwhile.
  • Office Kaizen: Waste in Offices and Service Industries:
    Kaizen is a Japanese word for incremental improvement.
    Experts report that Office Operations waste is at a higher rate than waste on the factory floor.
  • Capturing Waste in the Wild:
    Once you get on the trail of waste out in the wilds of your production system (service, retail or manufacturing), you are going to find literally hundreds of examples of waste.
    Find a simple way to measure and record it for later prioritised removal.
  • Prioritising Waste Removal:
    Your waste removal project has identified hundreds of instances of waste.
    Find ways to identify the most important wastes to remove first.
  • 5 Whys Problem Solving Technique:
    5 Whys is a brainstorming tool.
    It drives you to the reasons behind something happening when it is not obvious.

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