A small business goes though several lifecycle stages; just like humans do!

And the needs and management of your business will change at each stage; just like a child growing up.

We have bundled our resources to cover the various stages so you can quickly learn how to manage your business at each step.

Drill down to learn more on how to help your business thrive.

Visit Emergency Room if Necessary

Sometimes your business is in difficulty! Rather than waste time on detailed planning at this stage, you should consider our 90 Day recovery template to stabilize your business; then you can get started on more detailed planning towards your Sustainable Business Success. In such cases always remember our advice is only general in nature as we don't know your business. ALWAYS seek professional assistance when necessary.

Growth and Business Size Stages

Young businesses are all about growth while they aim to become a viable business. Some keep growing through several business size stages. Commonly, a small business start-up begins as a one person band or Solopreneur. The next stage is a Micro business of 1-4 staff. Then a small business of 5-19 staff and finally a medium to large business over time. Each such business size stage has different major hurdles to cross. Our resources help you at each business size stage.

Lifestyle Stage

Most small business owners reach a point where they are sufficiently happy with what they have built to slow down a bit and have a "life"; travel, upgrade cars and houses and generally take a well deserved break. At some point, they might decide to start the Growth cycle again or they choose to Exit

Business Exit Stage

At some point, every owner leaves their business. It might be a sale to a third party or passing to the next family generation. Generally you want to get the best deal you can for exiting your "baby". Our resources show you steps you can take to get the best exit from your business.

12Faces Business Development Resources

All our resources are bundled by business life stage above.  But you can also go straight to the best bundle to serve your immediate needs to develop your business.  

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