My Business’s Problem Symptoms: I Don’t Know What’s Wrong

My Business’s Problem Symptoms: I Don’t Know What’s Wrong

I DON’T KNOW What’s Wrong!

Are you faced with a confusing number of reasons why your business is experiencing a particular problem/s?
It can be a challenge to drill down and identify the ‘real’ problem and see solutions.

With YOUR problem in mind, select the link below that best fits your problem.

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  • My Profit is Falling:
    It can be difficult to pick out the real reason for a drop in profit.
    Income and expenses are always moving around, there are too many changes to make sense of it all.
    Find out how to determine what has changed.
  • I Have Too Much Inventory:
    Have you become use to the amount of inventory on hand?
    Too much inventory impacts profit, cashflow and liquidity.
  • Unhappy Customers:
    Are your service levels disappointing your customers?
    Do your customers complain about poor delivery?
  • I Never Have Enough Time:
    Welcome to a common problem among business people.
    Learn about “Time Management” and gain some sanity.
  • I Don’t Know How The Business Is Going:
    Do you have a “gut feel” that your business is experiencing problems financially?
    Are you shocked when you receive your annual tax return from your accountant?
  • Am I In The Right Business:
    Undecided with your business choice?
    Thinking of exiting your business?
    Have a look through these problems and solutions to get clarity with your decision.
  • I Have People Problems:
    People problems can include staff, suppliers, customers, life partners, family and friends.
    Business can be a lonely place at times.
    Learn what support information is available to you.

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