As you work through the plan for optimising your existing business en route to increasing Profits, you will be generating a large number of tasks as an outcome. Learn how to distribute these tasks and delegate them to your team.

These tasks can rapidly become difficult to keep in your head and/or manage the process of executing them.

It is even more difficult if you have a number of people working on them at once.

A simple way to manage this process is to create a spreadsheet.  Put all the tasks that you have in; one per line.

Add columns to:

If there are several people in the team, use a multi-platform cloud based tool, like Google Sheets. Everyone can connect, contribute and read on mobile and desktop devices.

There is quite a body of knowledge relating to how you process a large number of tasks in an optimal manner.  There are also useful software tools for managing these processes making it easier to delegate the tasks to your staff members and keep track of the progress.

These more advanced techniques will be covered in more detail in: C2.6 Advanced Business Growth Techniques 

Measuring What is Important

Pull together a repository of the accounting and similar information that you have, you will be accessing it quite frequently.

If you have teams of staff working on Optimise100, they will certainly need access to whatever data you think is appropriate.

One way to manage this is via a Google Drive / Dropbox or similar cloud-based file system.

You can control who gets access to what data – staff will only see material appropriate to their company position.

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