Lead Generation with Digital Marketing

Is your business sadly lacking good quality customer leads? Learn how to design, build and measure lead generation with a digital marketing system.

Design and Build Your Digital Marketing Process

Tuneup your website, learn about website metrics, Adwords, Social Media, SEO, Landing Pages and more. Not confident with any of this? That’s ok. We will assist you with finding and managing specialist contractors.

Find solutions to your business problems

How to Select the Next Diagnostic Step

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Website Design for Marketing: Lead Generation

Create your website so that it targets your ideal customer. Learn about lead generation with digital marketing. Have the Search Engines work for YOU.

Search Engine Marketing SEO

Draw potential customers to your website with Search Engine marketing. Once there, you can then draw them into your Sales Funnel and convert them to buying customers. Learn about SEO and the various channels available to you.

Pay Per Click PPC: Google Ads

Take advantage of paid advertising through Adwords, today known as Google Ads. You pay for the ad once the customer has clicked on it – PPC (Pay Per Click). Learn about setting up an account, selecting keywords, deciding a budget and more.

Social Media Marketing: Lead Generation

Social media is an enormous area with many avenues. Increase your lead generation by optimising your social media marketing. Target the customers that will buy your products/services. Learn the nuances of expressing yourself on social media to maximise your audience.


Confused about remarketing? It is an important tool in lead generation. Wondered why your searches on websites and for products all of a sudden appear on Facebook. That is remarketing. Learn how to do this for your business. Google “remarketing” for further information.  


Your business has a number of distribution channels, one of which is eCommerce. This can be setup in a number of ways – your own shop or co-shared like Amazon. Learn the benefits of each of these.

How to use our Diagnostics

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