Teach a Consumer to Choose YOUR Product or Service

Lead generation for your sales funnel is all about teaching consumers to choose YOUR products or services over those of your competitors. Marketing will help you achieve this.

Not Sure How to Generate Leads

Are you producing more product/services than you can sell? It is time to get serious about lead generation. Knowing what digital or non-digital marketing will work for your business is a major step.

Find solutions to your business problems

How to Select the Next Diagnostic Step

To learn how to use the 12Faces Diagnostic Process to best advantage, click More Info.

Lead Generation for Digital Marketing

Are you overwhelmed with the number of options for digital marketing today? Not sure where to start? Click here. This link covers the areas: website; SEO; Adwords; Social Media and others.

Other Types of Lead Generation

There are an enormous number of marketing channels for you to choose from. Work through these to understand which will work best for your business.

How to use our Diagnostics

Click on relevant links above to drill down and find possible solutions to your current issue.

Know of other Diagnoses and Solutions?

Please let us know of other possibilities by emailing us with an outline.  We will update our resources so you will be helping those who follow you.

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