Concerned About Work Efficiency?

In particular, work efficiency for repetitive work? Then the articles here are for you. They cover solutions like Takt time. Also a link to a Skills Module on the “Theory of Constraints”.

Increase Revenue by Increasing Throughput

By managing your work flow your business will create a faster of product through your business. Additionally, this is relative for all businesses, not just manufacturing. In addition, reduce production waste with Lean Management.

Selecting Next Diagnostic Step

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Choices to Increase Work Efficiency

Repetitive Work Efficiency

These articles, on work efficiency, cover areas such as Takt Time; managing Local Optima; the importance of the Small Batches Tool. Also work efficiency articles such as, how Kanban improves work flow; buffer management; using agile and scrum to improve productivity. 

Course: C2.0 Optimise100

Either, your business has been operating for some time or you want to grow. Eliminate the wasteful habits; check your pricing and overhaul your costs. These will all drag on your Profitability. Your goal is Sustainable Business Growth with work efficiency. This is the course for you. Sign up now.

Course: SM5.0 Theory of Constraints

The Skills Module, Theory of Constraints (TOC), is an important optimising technique to improve the work flow through the constraint in your business. This is true of many businesses, not just manufacturing. Therefore, TOC needs to become an ingrained habit. Additionally, this covers Drum, Buffer, Rope; and throughput. 


Course: SM4.0 Waste Reduction  

Business efficiency relies upon waste management. Learn Toyota’s process and how it impacted Productivity and Profit. Additionally, waste refers to all industry types. Plan and reduce waste for your business lifecycle.



How to use our Diagnostics

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Know of other Diagnoses and Solutions?

Please let us know of other possibilities by emailing us with an outline.  We will update our resources so you will be helping those who follow you.

Find business problem solutions with other Diagnostic Tools

Business Symptoms of Unknown Cause

The reasons behind the problems concerning you may not be clear cut.  This Tool helps to narrow down the underlying reason for your problem and sets you on the path to solutions.

How to Increase Business Revenue

Investigate Sales, Marketing, Pricing, Customer Retention, Product Range, Distribution Systems symptoms and then eliminate inefficiencies to increase Revenue

See how to Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce Cost of Goods Sold, Production Costs and Operating Costs by improving productivity as discovered by Henry Ford and later improved by Toyota.

Ways to Reduce Overhead Costs

Overhead Costs or Fixed Costs like rent, permanent labour and other costs that do not fluctuate with your day-to-day production levels directly impact on your Operating Profit

Issues with Business Information Systems

Finance, accounting, IT and legals are information systems a business needs. Find solutions to common issues here.

Managing Staff and Your own Productivty

Managing staff and your own productivity are critical issues because people make your business work. Learn more on problem resolution

Business Planning and Business Decision Making Techniques

Planning need not be complex.  We show simple solutions with proven effectiveness.  Along the way, we introduce some decision making tools to simplify hard decisions.

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