Have a Business Problem But Unsure What's Causing It?

The solution to your business symptoms may not be clear cut. They may be caused by any of a number of possible problems.

You Need to Find Possible Diagnoses For Your Symptoms

Sometimes when you go to the doctor, you have symptoms (“my head hurts”) but don’t know which of a number of possible causes are the ones to followup on. The process to discover the causes for your business symptoms is covered here.

Selecting Next Diagnostic Step

Learn to use the 12Faces Diagnostic Process to best advantage, click More Info.


Choices to Find The Cause/s of Your Business Symptoms

I Am Concerned About Falling Revenue

Your Revenue or Income is not performing as you would like. Drill down to find creative solutions to your business symptoms. Covers Sales, Marketing, Pricing, Product Range, Distribution.

Operations, Inventory or Production Problem

You are producing more Inventory than you can sell or you are selling more than you can produce. Your Operating Costs are going up faster than Sales. Your Gross Margin% is falling. You have a problem with Work in Progress (WIP). Find out what to do about these symptoms here.

Cash Flow Problems Including Profit

Unable to pay bills when they are due? Not taking a wage for yourself? Profits are falling but not clear why? Profit and cashflow problems can quickly impact your businesses viability.

I Have Unhappy Customers

Are your service levels disappointing your customers?
Do your customers complain about poor delivery?
Learn how to manage yourself and others to create a profitable business. Understand, and overcome, common sales process problems to avoid.

I Have a Problem With Customer Retention

This link covers the following areas: trouble finding buyers; people aren’t buying; average sale per customer has fallen; new competitors; industry wide decline; marketing and sales; pricing strategies; product mix; your value to customers.

I Have Problems With Staff & Co-Founders

Staff are a vital asset for your business. This area covers motivation, productivity and leadership skills. Learn how to balance work and life by focusing on the important issues. Solve problems with your staff and co-founders by implementing business systems. Learn about Kaizen – continuous incremental improvement. Business can be a lonely place at times. Learn what support information is available to you.

Finding and Managing External Contractors

Do you have areas of your business where you are lacking skills? Or, are you just having problems managing the suppliers that you have. This are covers outsourcing, amongst other topics. Get that work life balance that you dream of.

I Never Have Enough Time

Welcome to a common problem among business people.
Learn about “Time Management” and gain some sanity. Double your productivity in under 2 weeks. Investigate the concepts of Parkinson’s Law and the dangers of multitasking. 

Business Planning

Yes, you do need a business plan. There are many reasons. Do you want a lifestyle business or growth? Are you planning on an exit or transition to retirement? Do your staff know your intentions so that they can manage and make decisions to those goals? Learn how to construct and execute a business plan according to your business life cycle. 

I Need Help Prioritising What To Do

Are you having trouble thinking of new ideas for your business? Are you inundated with business problems? No-one to brainstorm ideas with? Learn about the techniques: weights and scores prioritising; 5 whys problem solving; the HIPPO effect (fascinating); agile, scrums, sprints and much more.

I Have to Do Unpleasant Jobs

Do you have jobs that you don’t like doing or aren’t very good at?
There are alternatives. Look at outsourcing as an example. Does it apply to your general business? The same principles apply as to outsourcing for Sales and Marketing. Also, this link covers hiring your first managers and staff. Ensure that you have the funds required to either outsource or engage additional staff. Select “Outsource: Manage Sales and Marketing Specialists”

How Do I Get Out of The Business?

The first step to getting out of your business is to create a plan, as mentioned under “Business Planning” above. This will ensure that your business exit is as Profitable as possible. If it is an urgent exit, then go to the link within this article “Introduction to Turnaround90”. Otherwise, this article will take you through the various reasons and outcomes for exiting your business.

My Accounts & Info Systems Are Not Helping Me

Every business needs a useful accounting system, and similar information packages, to understand the underlying dynamics and trends of their business.
Sadly, many businesses have not been shown how to take advantage of their information systems on their route to Sustainable Business Success. 
Are you floundering trying to understand the financial aspect of your business? The Tools and Courses here will help you!

Viability and Future Direction of My Business

Are you confident that your business is viable and sustainable? Do you have a clear direction plotted? Would you like to grow your business? Alternatively, are you sure that you are in the right business. Do you have a work life balance that you are happy with? On the other hand, are you looking to start a business but not sure how? After all the soul searching you have decided to exit your business. The answers to these questions can be found at this link.

Find Solutions to Symptoms

Click on relevant links to drill down on solutions to the symptoms your business is exhibiting.

Your business symptoms not covered?

We add to our Symptoms Checker as new issues are uncovered.  If your business symptoms are not covered here, email us and explain the symptom.  We will try to address your issue and add it to the list already covered so you will be helping those who come after you.

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