If you have a website, it can act as a passive marketing tool for you by drawing people to your site via search engines like Google.  Once there, you can encourage them to engage with you further. The process of getting eyeballs to your website via search engines is known as “Search Engine Optimisation” or most commonly as “SEO”.  There is a vast amount of information on this and a thriving industry of consultants.  Whether you do your own SEO or hire a consultant, you will benefit from knowing the basics of SEO.  We have brought several resources together here.  Yellow Belt

How much do you want to know about SEO?

SEO is a skill and an industry all of its own, it is not possible to tell you all you need to know, to do it thoroughly, in 12Faces.  That is deep in Blue and Black Belt territory and too detailed and specialised for us at the moment. However, it is becoming easier than ever to do a lot of your own work on your website with Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla. It will be very beneficial for you to know the basics of SEO. Also, if you are going to hire a specialist, it will be advantageous to have some idea of SEO, otherwise you will drown in all the buzzwords and have no real idea what your specialist is talking about; and even if they are any good. We are not specialists in SEO, we will direct you to useful resources prepared by specialists. To get an introduction to SEO, we suggest you download the 54 page free PDF entitled “SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide” from the well respected Moz websiteClick this link    

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